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We proud to be the most trusted and respected tire shop in Gilroy, CA. We specialize in flat tire repair and tire replacement. We carry a wide variety of different tire options, from rugged snow tires to all-weather tires and even lightweight summer tires. No matter what type of vehicle you drive or needs you have, our team will help determine the best kind of tires for you at a fair and honest price.

Our Tire Services Include:
Flat Tire Repair, Tire Balancing, Tire Installation, Tire Rotation, Tire Leak Repair, New and Used Tires and more.

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Your tires can only be as good as the wheels they're riding on. While a number of different factors can play into the overall quality and functionality of a given set of wheels, material tends to be the most important element to consider when making a purchase. We offer both steel and alloy wheel options, each of which provides its own set of benefits. We also offer wheel and rim repair and can remove dents and scratches from your existing wheels.

Our Wheel Services Include:
Wheel Repair, Dent and Scratch Removal, New Wheels, Wheel Alignment, Tire and Rim Packages.

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Even the best vehicles require repairs on occasion, and regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring a long lifespan. Our auto repair services keep you safe and on the road, and you can feel confident in our ability to diagnose whatever may be causing issues for your vehicle. Whether you need a lot of work done or are simply looking to have a quick repair job done, we're here to help.

Our Auto Services Include:
A/C Service & Repair, Air Filters, Battery Replacement, Belts & Hoses, Brake Repair, Check Fluids, Coolant Systems, Exhaust and Mufflers,Oil Changes, State Inspections, Steering and Suspensions, Tune Ups, Wiper Blades and more.

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